We are with you(th)! Discover trough which tools

The consortium of the strategic partnership QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E. (2020-2-IT03-KA205-019431), is pleased to share with all the stakeholders and interested public its two last results. In these months the partners worked hard to realize 36 different motivational videos 6 per language (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Rumanian, and Turkish) that mix the live interview technique and video animation created through PowToon. The videos follow a path of topics, that are addressed to engage and empower isolated youth to be aware of the importance of their voice and actions. All the videos have special guests interviewed among youth workers and psychologists that give their specialists advice and youth sharing their experiences, problems, and strategies on the related topic. The motivational videos are all available on the YouTube channel “I’m With You(th)”.

All the videos are also part of the final result, which is a social campaign named “I’m With You(th)” carried out through the project’s social pages and the partners’ ones using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud. From June to October, indeed, the contents were spread following a planned calendar. All the topics started with a cover page and general post on the topic followed by main challenges and tips infographics. Then, every partner relaunched the content in their national language on their social channels and invited young people to an Instagram challenge through Ig stories per each topic. Furthermore, CEIPES thanks to its radio inside its facilities and the ANG radio “youth is in the air” channel, implemented six podcasts in Italian addressed to young people and entirely directed by youth volunteers that had success among youth radio listeners. 

The consortium hopes that youth workers from Europe can take advantage of these powerful tools for youth and work with youth in the fields of empowerment and active citizenship even when the online or blended approach is needed due to geographical, physical, or social issues.

To know more about our campaign follow QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E.’s Facebook and Instagram pages or website and to watch the videos in your language visit the YouTube channel I’m With You(th) and Soundcloud to listen to the Italian podcasts.

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