QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E. – QUalitative Advanced Research ANd Training for Inclusion of Neets through Electronic tools


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Timespan of the project:

2020/11/01- 2022/10/31


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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1 – The first aim is addressed to youth workers and youth organizations: the project aims to provide knowledge, competences and tools to increase the quality of “distance” youth work, both for emergency situations like the one in which we are living, and for other potential situations in which a “blended” approach could be useful and improve the quality of its goals. 

 2- The second aim is addressed to the youth who suffer the consequences of isolation and social distance, especially NEETs and people with fewer opportunities, disability and geographical obstacles (check the participant section for more details). The project aims to motivate, to improve opportunities and to develop the empowerment of young people in European Countries.

  • Development of a toolkit for distance youth work activities.
  • Development of motivational videos – aimed to empower youth regarding their self-development and affirming the idea that they are cared for.
  • Starting a social campaign to mobilize, connect and encourage communication between NEETS and youths with fewer opportunities, and to promote participation in the channels relevant to the project.
  • A toolkit about suitable existing digital tools for distance youth work activities, explaining methods and approaches for working with people at a distance.
  • A set of motivational videos for youth from different backgrounds.
  • A Youth Social Campaign to improve the opportunity of empowerment among youth in isolation or social distancing conditions. 
  • A network of European youth organizations which will take care of future activities for promoting distance youth work and will guarantee the sustainability of the project.