QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E: Digital Youth work, operating instruction

The Consortium of Project QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E., QUalitative Advanced Research And Training for Inclusion of Neets through Elettronic tools (2020-2-IT03-KA205-019431), is pleased to announce the publication of the first result of the Project. In December, in fact, a Handbook was finalized and made available online as a suitable Open Education Resource (OER).
It promotes methodologies for approaching young people in isolation, social distance, or with any barriers as obstacles to a face-to-face interaction. It is a set of guidelines to support the implementation of the work of youth workers and those who works with young people, at a time when direct contact is not allowed.
This first Intellectual Output is the result of the work of the previous months in which the consortium has studied the state of the art of youth work in Europe, administering a survey that has received 249 responses from youth workers and youth organizations of the 5 partner countries (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and Romania). Once Collected the data, Partners has moved to an overall analysis, which can be consulted in the handbook. Then, the theoretical framework that contains the guidelines for digital youth work was drawn up, dealing with its various aspects: from blended approach to digital competences, from the experiences of European volunteers to youth work with young people with fewer opportunities and special needs, as well as the psychological sphere of digital youth work.
The handbook also includes a toolkit for useful digital tools, divided into categories: activities for online meetings, organisational and interaction tools, creative and presentation tools, tools for quizzes and feedback, gamification tools.

We hope that this valuable tool will be useful in the coming months and that it can be a starting point for the implementation of a digital youth work increasingly engaging and in line with the times. Enjoy it!

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