A new begin


The Erasmus+ programme (KA2 Strategic partnerships for youth) project “QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E. – QUalitative Advanced Research ANd Training for Inclusion of Neets through Electronic tools” (Project Number: 2020-2-IT03-KA205-019431) was co-funded by the European Commission. 

 On the 31st of October, it came to an end, but it is from now that the project results will start their life being helpful for digital youth work Europe-wide.  

The strategic partnership is proud and glad to have released high-quality products, for youth work, that are freely available internationally in six different languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Turkish). The Handbook will support youth workers through its theoretical framework and practical toolkit that collects useful digital tools, divided into categories such as activities for online meetings, organizational and interaction tools, creative and presentation tools, tools for quizzes and feedback, and gamification tools. The 36 videos available on YouTube in the channel I’m With Youth will continue to motivate and engage young people that will watch them and it will be an additional useful digital tool for youth workers. Furthermore, young people will still benefit from the empowerment process that began with the social campaign I’m With You(th), which inspires young people to face the main challenges of youth in isolation, giving them tips and solutions from peers or experts in the youth field.

QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E. always aimed to provide useful and innovative tools for digital youth work also in other cases of distance as it could happen with youth with geographical obstacles, affected by disability, or due to their fewer opportunities. The end of the timespan of this project, indeed, represents for the consortium the beginning of a new phase where more and more youth workers can face in a more qualitative way the challenges of distance and digital learning and combine the two ways in a blended approach to better engage different targets of young people and be more inclusive.

The consortium after this journey started in the mid of the pandemic, ends the project strengthened by the fruitful and meaningful relationship that was born in a such difficult condition. Now it wants to work again together to improve the work done in the field of digital youth work.

 To enjoy and use the high-quality products of QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E. visit the website and follow our social media:  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Sound cloud.

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