Steps forward on the project’s implementation in Spain

On the 10th and the 11th of November, all the partners of the LIVING RIVERS project (2021-1-PT01-KA220-ADU-000033405), co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme – Cooperation partnerships in adult education, met for a transnational meeting in Valladolid (Spain) where the marvellous river Pisuerga flows. The partners had the time to discuss the development of all project’s parts, brainstorm on the next steps and plan the implementation of the coming months.

This time, the host has been the partner ASPAYM, who welcomes all the participants at the “Centro Autonómico de Participación Juvenil, El Callejón”. The participants had several activities during these two days. On the 10th of November, after the Introductory presentation led by the ASPAYM team, they went in-depth into the project development and current situation coordinated by the Rosto Solitario Team, the Dissemination led by the CEIPES team, a workshop on stakeholders and the sustainability by ASPAYM, who then addressed the first intellectual output that is a mobile phone app to enjoy the river and learn how to protect it, through the use of gamification and non-formal education.

On the second day, the participants had different themes as well. First, they focused on the development of the second intellectual output “Environment and participation”. that is an educational tool kit. This contains a conceptual framework on four different thematic dimensions of sustainability, a collaborative board game, and a set of four escape rooms and four workshops. Then, they addressed the third intellectual output, coordinated by the CEIPES team “Rivers for all” a participatory web platform. The platform will provide citizens with the opportunity to create an online community taking action to acknowledge and protect rivers and the environment. After the last part of the meeting with the overview of the next steps by Rosto Solitario and the Evaluation activity led by the Inducar team, the participants had the opportunity to meet the “Amigos del Pisuerga” a no-profit association that brings on several actions to protect the local river. They experienced their action by taking a ride on their boat on the river, where they found some waste that they properly collected.

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