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Timespan of the project:

01/02/2022 – 01/02/2025


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development




The objectives of the project are the following:

  • Developing adults’ – especially those with fewer opportunities – knowledge and competencies on sustainability
  • Designing and implementing activities to make adult learning while experiecing rivers, thanks to an innovative methodology based on gamification
  • Reducing the digital gap among people with fewer opportunities, following the European Framework of key-competencies and the notion of lifelong learning
  • Supporting citizens’ empowerment through their participation to the environment protection

  • Designing project activities taking into account the need for accessibility, in order to include all citizens (people with disability, migrants, people with fewer opportunities) and empower them 
  • Providing adult educators new instruments on non-formal education through the implementation of an e-learning platform, a mobile app and a toolkit
  • Arrange a “training for trainers” in order to enhance project sustainability and dissemination
  • Involving local stakeholders to the project activities, in order to improve their participation to the protection of water resources
  • A mobile phone app to enjoy the river and learn how to protect it, through the use of gamification and non-formal education
  • An educational toolkit containing a conceptual framework on four different thematic dimensions on sustainability, a collaborative board game, a set of four escape rooms and four workshops.
  • A participatory web platform

  • Rosto Solidário (Portugal)
  • Rede Inducar (Portugal)
  • Fundación ASPAYM Castilla y León (Spain)
  • CEIPES (Italy)