LARPIC – In Prague to Empower Educators with Role Playing for Active Citizenship

In the heart of Prague, teachers and educators from across Europe converged for a transformative training experience as part of the Erasmus+ project, LARPIC. This innovative initiative aimed to equip teachers with the tools and techniques necessary to integrate roleplaying methodology into educational settings, fostering active citizenship among students. 

The training, held over several days, immersed participants in the dynamic world of roleplaying, where imagination and learning intertwine. Through hands-on workshops, discussions, and immersive experiences, educators delved into the principles and practices of using roleplaying as a powerful educational tool. 

One of the key focuses of the training was on leveraging roleplaying to promote active citizenship among students. By assuming different roles and engaging in simulated scenarios, students develop crucial skills such as critical thinking, empathy, and problem-solving. Through these experiences, they gain a deeper understanding of societal issues and learn to navigate complex challenges, ultimately becoming informed and engaged citizens. 

In particular, participants had the opportunity of experiencing first-hand the LARP: one of the main results of the LARPIC project, consisting in a series of role-playing activities and dynamics for promoting active citizenship.

By learning how to apply it, the impact of the LARPIC training extended far beyond the workshop walls: equipped with newfound knowledge and inspiration, teachers are now ready to transport these activities into their classrooms.  

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