GASTROFISH – Video recipes recording at Euroform for the project

On 20 July 2022, CEIPES visited the EUROFORM institute to film some video-recipes that will be included in the learning modules of the Gastrofish project.

Chef Margherita Cirrincione, with the support of two young cooking students, explained the beneficial properties of oily fish and octopus, showing the various steps in the creation of two delicious recipes: smoked mackerel and octopus salad.

GASTROFISH (2019-3-TR01-KA205-080005) is a European Commission funded project through the Erasmus+ Program (KA205).

The project aims to build a reliable source for guideline about fishery sector in the Mediterranean area, to establish a gastro-kitchen guide of fishery and to create an international network of fishery in the EU, through the transfer of Local-National-International knowledge and innovative methods.

The modules, called “Let’s cook”, will be uploaded and published on the project website by September, and the video-recipes will be presented by each partner for the first time at the LTTA in Spain from 17 to 22 September.

If you want to know more and stay updated, you can follow the main Facebook page of the project.

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