The e-learning platform 

The consortium of partners of Gastrofish – INCREASING THE EMPOWERMENT OF YOUTH BY IMPROVING THE DIGITAL e-LEARNING IN GASTRO- FISH with the end of the project, December 2022, it also completed the publication of the content within the e-learning platform.  

The project, co-funded by the ERASMUS + programme, has made it possible to collect material on cooking and the entire fishing industry, in a free and accessible manner for all. Especially for the project’s target group, young people who would like to learn more about or discover the world of fishing and fish gastronomy.  

The modules collected within a course is accessible in 5 European languages, Italian, English, Turkish, Spanish and Greek.  

On the platform, you can access it by simply registering and selecting your language. The course is divided into three main parts: PART 1. GENERAL INFORMATION ON AQUACULTURE AND FISHING, PART 2: SEA/FISH COOKING, PART 3: LET’S COOK! 

In the first part of the course is divided into other modules. They give basic information on the world of fishing, how to identify and choose the freshest fish of various types. 

In the second part is dedicated to the gastronomy of seafood, the modules deal with how to identify types and families of seafood. Also included are some specific cooking techniques for this type of food.  

Finally, the third part is dedicated to the various typical cuisines of the consortium partners: Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey. Inside it is also possible to find very useful video recipes for embarking on a gastro-culinary journey with fish.  

Through the CEIPES portfolio, you can access and view all the results produced by the consortium.  

The platform will be open and available for the next few years, so for all those who wish to approach a new way of knowing and learning, this is the opportunity for you. 

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