GAMEUFYING – Celebrating gamification together!

The 3rd of May, CEIPES ETS celebrated the final event of the Erasmus+ project, GamEUfying. Held in the city of Palermo, Italy, the event brought together 50 attendees, including both youngsters and professionals from youth work and education. 

In a jubilant atmosphere filled with enthusiasm, the event marked the culmination of a journey dedicated to enriching youth understanding of the European Union through innovative gamification techniques. GamEUfying was not just a project; it was a vision realized, a collaborative effort among European partners aimed at leveraging the power of gamification to foster deeper civic engagement among youngsters. As the curtains closed on this transformative initiative, it was time to reflect on its achievements. 

GamEUfying’s success lies in its two main outcomes: comprehensive manuals designed to equip both educators and youth with the tools to navigate and utilize gamification effectively. The first manual* offers an exploration of the project’s innovative games, providing insights into their development and practical guidance on their implementation. The second manual** delved into the immersive simulation experience conducted in Spain and the intricacies of the role-playing technique.  

The final event was a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and the spirit of European unity. It was a testament to the power of collective action in driving positive change and empowering youth to become active, informed citizens of the European Union. 

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