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Here we are: the Partners have worked hard to reach a very important objective. The consortium of the project Enfem: Female TCNs Integration in Local Communities through Employability and Entrepreneurship Local Oriented Strategies [101038287-ENFEM-AMIF-2020-AG] has published the Summary of the Transnational research reports “Needs analysis and community based socioeconomic ecosystem mapping. Data Collection and Analysis”.

The summary provides the findings of all national reports drafted under the framework of the project. Specifically, the key conclusions reached through the desk and field research that took place in 10 European countries: Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

The document is part of Work Package 2 which consists of the national reports “Needs analysis and community based socioeconomic ecosystem mapping. Data Collection and Analysis” where all Partners summarized key findings of literature and policy review, focus groups and online questionnaires with both stakeholders and women TCN. The reports include success stories of women TCNs’ successful integration into the host country and good practices of local stakeholders who work with women TCNs. Both success stories and good practices are pedagogical added value for Work package 3 and will be used as case studies.

The national reports developed by the partners revealed that both women TCNs and stakeholders perceive barriers to the socio-economic integration of this target group, highlighting the challenges they face in the labour market.

Unfortunately, in most of the countries involved in the research, the policies on integration are tailored just for migrants rather than specifically women TCNs that consequently tend to face double discrimination.

Moreover, learning the language of the host countries was pointed out as one of the main challenges faced by migrant women as well as acquiring the necessary transversal skills or having some practical experiences. At the same time, the stakeholders at the local level need to improve their knowledge of the integration of female TCNs and it should be strengthened the network of local actors working to facilitate the entry of TCN women into the labour market to ensure that the support system effectively reaches its target group.

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