YERAME – The Innovative Training Course in Youth Entrepreneurship is Here!

The YERAME consortium is proud to announce the new Deliverable produced within ERASMUS + project YERAME- Youth Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas and Mediterranean Countries of which CEIPES is a partner.  

The project, driven by a commitment to enhancing the capacity for learning opportunities in entrepreneurial skills, focuses on organizations working with young people in rural areas. The primary goal is to elevate the entrepreneurial skills of the rural youth in the Mediterranean region recognizing the pressing need to create sustainable businesses that can withstand economic challenges, specifically aiming to break the dependence on tourism.  

The result of the efforts made by the consortium is a Training Course  available in all partner’s languages and English and designed to equip youths with the skills necessary to thrive in entrepreneurship rural contexts. The YERAME Training Course is a culmination of extensive research and collaboration gathered in 14 units covering several topics essential to young entrepreneurs, such as Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Market Research, Business Planning and Strategy, Marketing and Branding but also Legal and Regulatory Compliance.  

The next step will be the implementation of the course with 18-30 youth interested in Business. If you want to participate you can show your interest by filling out this Google Form.  

To learn more about the project visit the Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages and the website of the project. 

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