XR_SKILLS – The testing phase starts!

The XR_Skills project (2021-1-SE01-KA220-VET-000030106) aims to foster teachers and educators soft skills through an improvement of University curriculum for undergraduates and post-graduates psychologists soft skills through the creation and promotion of the “digital confidence”, a skill that focuses on the feeling to be able to manage technology and transfer it in the other context. 

On the 9th of May 2023, it was held the first phasing test of the XR_Skills materials in CEIPES, Italy.

The participants of this Alfa Pilot Testing were members of the organisation staff and they had time before the encounter to navigate through the e-learning platform, study and learn about its modules. Besides, they had the opportunity to play with the first version of the XR_Skills game. The participants seemed to enjoy testing the different situations presented in the game. 

Once the participants were familiar and had a clear idea about the learning materials and objectives of the XR_Skills project, the session continued with a brainstorming activity. As professionals on the education and develeopment of training materials, the participants gave many important and useful feedbacks about potential and positive aspects of the materials, as well as possibilities for improvement.  

The next step is to continue with the development and improvement of the XR_Skills materials though the different testing phases.

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