U.Pin – Thanks for joining us in this journey!

With the end of March 2024, U.Pin project also comes to an end, and CEIPES is proud to share the great results that this project has achieved for young people across all Europe! 

U.Pin project has been a great opportunity to give concrete shape to one of the several concepts in European legislation that not always are understood by its beneficiaries: the European Green Deal. Sometimes, the issue that everyone may encounter when dealing with the EU is not understanding completely what the implication of a norm or the real contents of a plan are. In this case, The EU Green Deal surely suggests the implication of ecological matters, but it’s application may not be immediately understood. 

Thanks to U.Pin project, young people had the possibility to be conscious of the European norms in informal and innovative ways. They could create and share informative videos through social media, thus being not only beneficiaries of this knowledge, but an active part in its diffusion! Similarly, U.Pin project has targeted youth workers and educators, giving them new tools to approach this subject in a less formal way, thus adapting lessons to a public that, now more than ever, requires innovative technological tools to learn. 

CEIPES has been active from the very first moment in this process, facilitating this passage of knowledge and harmonising the relation between the two groups. In the end, the Multiplying Event in Italy for the delivery of the final results has been a success, and youth workers from various organisations and institutions have received the two manuals of the project: one to summarise the Green Deal to educators, so that they can include it in their lessons or activities, and one to teach the project’s methodology, explaining how to make it informal and successful. 

U.Pin may have formally concluded its timespan, but CEIPES firmly believes that its legacy will perdure. For a greener future!

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