The first International Conference on Professionalization in Minority Sports


Between 24 and 28 October 2022 the Partners of the BMX – Training to win project organised the first International Conference on Professionalization in Minority Sports.

The event involved the various partner countries at the same time: Spain, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Slovakia, Latvia, which proposed several interesting activities and initiatives.

This simultaneous Conference reached riders, coaches, trainers, researchers, local governments and sport managers as well as students through different local and international events based on the latest research on how to develop a career in minority sports, as BMX, parkour, skateboarding, and other sports in which BMX project results could be a model.

An opening-conference has been followed by thematic small and focused sessions, allowing participants to interact between them and with the speakers. Furthermore, case solving and applied research has been explained.

The different partners countries dealt with the following topics during their local events:

  • Dual careers in minority sports: student-athletes perspective and athletes-entrepreneur perspectives
  • Personal and professional development for minority sports
  • Gender in minority sports
  • The economy of the minority
  • Training for training: educational tools

At the local level, CEIPES involved the students and teachers of the IS EINAUDI PARETO institute in Palermo.

At first the Training to win project with its objectives, activities, educational e-learning tools and expected results was presented. Subsequently, a debate was activated on the salient issue of dual career in sport, giving space to the point of view of student-athletes and teachers.

Finally, on 27 October all the partner countries of the BMX project participated in the streaming conference on the important theme of professionalization in Enduro MTB.

The feedback from participants from different countries was extremely positive, as well as many curiosities emerged about these increasingly relevant issues in today’s world of sport.

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