THIRD STAGE – It’s time to thank the audience: the show is over!

A journey, new discoveries and a lot of art: these are just some of the words that are well associated with the “Third Stage” project, co-funded by the EU’s Creative Europe programme, and that still sound reductive. The project has seen, during the two years of implementation, the achievement of important objectives, such as the development and promotion of the Third Stage platform, an important hub for the exchange of contacts, performance and information for all fans of the world of theater and culture in general and the organization of an international festival, Open Stage, held from 15 to 28 April 2024 and which proved extremely engaging and successful.

CEIPES ETS was one of the protagonists, not only of the festival, but of the project, alongside an experienced and competent partnership (composed of Slovenian and Spanish partners), each of which has been able to make its own contribution in a significant way.  

Many were the actors (literally) involved in the project; everything started from the awareness that, in Europe, it is still difficult to find a network of solid and lasting collaboration and that sectors, such as the artistic-continue to experience situations of disadvantage and marginalization. Third Stage has decided, in some way, to break the mold and offer new opportunities. 

The results are clearly visible and testify to the commitment of all and a common effort that has resulted in satisfaction and new opportunities for collaboration for theater professionals throughout Europe.

CEIPES ETS is therefore proud to announce the conclusion of the project and to finally be able to say (but only metaphorically): good first take! 

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