Third Stage

Project Number: 101060190
Timespan of the Project: 01/01/2022 – 31/12/2023

Project E-mail:

Financial Program: Creative Europe

The objective of is to develop innovative platform for broadcasting of European creative and cultural works in order to showcase an example innovative tools and methodolgies in order to safeguard, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage. Beside the platform, project will emphasize the mechanisms for transparent and financially viable business model that covers entire value chain. Through the combination of actions, consortium will propose set of protocols and guidelines on “green”creative industry, upport the creation of European works and strengthen the economic, social and external dimensions and innovation in Europe’s cultural and creative sectors.

The Platform to be developed and demonstrated in the project will encourage innovative approaches to content creation, access, distribution, and promotion across cultural and creative sectors by taking into account the digital shift, covering both market and non- market dimensions. At the same time, ThirdStage will open up the space for opening of culture and creative industries, and will raise the visibility of European works throughout the Europe and beyond.

Using cutting-edge technologies, a platform will broadcast live cultural and creative events anywhere in Europe, it can be replicated in any niche (theater, concert, opera, balet, audiovisual works) and will have a clear and transparent business model of revenue-sharing between key players in production process. Thus, all involved parties can estimate the economic viability of their content going live online.
Novel technologies integrated, allow production of »greener« contents, e.g. with optimized energy used in production, as well as reduced carbon footprint. It will also connect the communities across Europe, allowing expats to maintain permanent link to their culture of origin and Europeans to learn about cultural and language diversity in Europe.

  • Develop new business model for monetization of live streaming of live performances in European borderless and multilingual cultural landscape – use case: live streaming of theatre performances;
  • Provide equal access and market opportunities to all (including small) content producers and wider access to cultural content for marginalized groups;
  • Develop production guidelines for immersive audiovisual live streaming of performances while taking into consideration a) the carbon footprint of the production and b) inclusion gender, equality, contributing to the European Bauhaus project;
  • Demonstrate the platform with at least two theatre events and showcase the practicality of the solution and the transparent business model to all interested parties.
  1. An innovative business model for distribution, promotion and financing of cross- border streaming of cultural performances (transparent rules for distribution of revenue, reduced costs of production, access to new market)
  2. A set of tools in the form of a digital platform for live streaming, monetization, distribution and marketing of culture and creative industries’ works based on European live cultural performances
  3. Production guidelines for live streaming of cultural performances in a new interactive format,
  4. Development of a strategy for a large- scale production of new, financially sustainable and environmental-friendly European cultural content based on live performances
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