THE HEARTS OF YOUTH – Planning the next steps in Nicosia 

On the 6th and 9th of February 2024, CEIPES ETS has joined the consortium of the HeArts of Youth project in Nicosia, Cyprus, for the second Transnational Meeting of the project. 

Indeed, the preparatory phase of the project is substantially concluded, having set up all channels to share the project with everyone interested and having now collected the existent formative materials in the field of dance and art therapy.  

Now, the consortium will begin the summarising process of all pre-existing good practices into an educational tool for all professionals in the field. This instrument will function as a practical toolkit to enter in the world of dance and art therapy on a more general level, since it includes good practices and shared techniques which are publicly available. 

In the following months, instead, the consortium will create a methodological tool that collects techniques specifically crafted by specialised professionals, for the application of these techniques among young migrants. This methodology will be crafted to be applied in a series of at least six workshops, equally divided among dance and art therapy techniques. 

The meeting has been a great occasion for partners to establish the next moves and be ready for the upcoming challenges. Do not miss any future opportunity to learn more about dance and art therapy in the next months!

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