The Gendermen project has achieved its first result: the publication of the Toolkit “Involving Men in Gender Issues”. The innovation behind the project is the fact that is focused on the role of men in achieving gender equality, without making it an exclusively female issue. Several studies and socio-economic analyses carried out in Europe have in fact stated that gender equality would not only benefit women, but, on the contrary, also men, without whose intervention it would be impossible to make progress and achieve progress in terms of gender equality.

Gendermen is a project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus program, key action 2, Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, in which CEIPES is a partner together with the Centro de direito da familia (Portugal), under the coordination of the Czech organization KPMS.

Together with the three partners, research was carried out in the countries involved in the project (Italy, Portugal and the Czech Republic), for the development of the first planned outputs, the Manuals and the Toolkit.

The first step was to collect data regarding the participation of men and women in different aspects of daily life, from the workplace to the home environment to leisure. To this end, a questionnaire was administered to about 35 people of different ages, gender, social position, level of study, in each of the three countries, whose collected data were represented in graphs that made it easier to compare and read the true contexts.

The Toolkit reports the data collected during the research phase, the analysis of European reports and a study of the different areas in which men and women live their daily lives, both facing social pressures and expectations that often make them stuck in roles that should now be overcome to leave more room for free individual choices and less for gender stereotypes.

Click here to download the Manual for experts.

Click here to download the Manual for public.

Click here to download the Toolkit.

Together with the consortium we are working on the development of the training that will involve professionals, human resources managers, students in a training whose focus will be precisely the male gender and its role in the pursuit of gender equality.

Anyone wishing to send comments, feedback and suggestions on the Manuals and the Toolkit can contact the project manager:

Silvia Calcavecchio

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