THE FACTORY OF IDEAS – The partners test the games for the first time

The Factory of Ideas project puts a great focus on gamification as a tool to promote social entrepreneurship and stimulate new entrepreneurial ideas in young people, making them able to face future challenges while respecting the community are surrounded by.  
Through the power of creativity, the building of new skills and ways to conceive social projects, the gamification approach stands as a valuable method of putting in practice the theoretical content developed in the first part of the project.  

On February 21st and 22nd the partnership reunited in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, with the aim to test the first draft of the games to be piloted… and it was a great success! Complex but entertaining games have been crafted to stimulate young people  in conceiving powerful ideas on social entrepreneurship that may last over time and become really sustainable.   

The selected games will be: 

1) A virtual escape room specifically crafted for Gamification created by Aspaym 

2) A three-level quiz on social entrepreneurship created by BB&R 

3) A creative laboratory of ideas realized by GAMMA 

4) A Gymkhana Quizz created by Rosto Solidario 

5) A virtual escape room on dissemination realized by CEIPES. 

The games are expected to have a sound impact on the production of social entrepreneurship ideas, keeping all the serious level of entertainment provided by gamification tools. 

A total of 100 young people will participate to the pilot sessions, that will be realized on the Moodle Platform and include a badge of participation.  

The meeting has been fundamental to test the games and the organization of the piloting phase, but also to discuss the next steps to be realized before the project’s ending.  

For now, just a few weeks more and the games will be available to play in the Moodle Platform! 

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