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The project T4proIN started in February 2022 and aims to improve the quality of tourism services and the safety of people with special needs during their journeys through the use of common and consistent approaches.

The project targets also to train professionals in tourism (especially employers and employees of accommodation facilities and restaurants) to better host people with disabilities and try to enhance the accessible tourism at European level. To achieve this goal, T4proIN partners will create a training curriculum that will respond to the needs expressed directly by the target group.

The T4proIN Consortium is made of Partners from different countries to build innovation at a global level and ensure a broad transferability and sustainability of the project. Specifically, they are from: Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Greece and all of them have useful expertise that will help to implement T4proIN project as best as possible.

In particular, AiNP, CEIPES and NARHU implement daily a lor of projects that aim to improve social and work inclusion of people with disabilities.  Digital Idea have an established interest in the application and diffusion of new technologies in Education, Health, Culture and Environment, and will help to create project website and the e-map that is one of the main scopes of the project. UoP, as university, will help to create an appropriate research environment.


The partnership has been already working on desk research about law, policies and best practices about inclusive tourism across Europe.  

The T4proIN Project Results will be available in 5 languages.

During the next months, and now AiNP, CEIPES, NERHU, UoP and Digital Idea continue to work on a daily basis to create unique standards of accessible tourism for all.

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