T4proIN – The accessible tourism advances 

The 17th and 18th of May 2023 in Larissa (Greece) marked a significant milestone for the T4proIN project as CEIPES, along with partners from Greece and Spain, gathered for their third transnational meeting. The meeting focused on discussing the progress of the project implementation, with particular emphasis on the development of the MOOC platform and e-map designed to enhance accessibility for touristic services’ staff and managers. 

The T4proIN project aims to promote inclusive and accessible tourism by providing training and resources to professionals working in the tourism industry. By offering comprehensive online courses and a user-friendly e-map, the project strives to empower tourism staff and managers to create accessible environments within their facilities. The consortium already carried out an investigation about the needs of travelers with disabilities and of managers of touristic services. You can read more here: 

During the transnational meeting, project participants reviewed the advancements made in developing the MOOC platform. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will serve as a vital tool for delivering high-quality training to individuals interested in making their tourism facilities more accessible. The partners discussed the platform structure, content, and interactive features to ensure an engaging and informative learning experience. 

Another critical aspect of the meeting revolved around the development of the e-map. This interactive map will provide valuable information to tourists with disabilities, helping them identify accessible facilities and services within a specific country. The e-map will serve as a comprehensive guide, offering detailed accessibility features for various establishments, including hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. 

The partners engaged in extensive discussions on the e-map’s functionalities, user interface, and integration with the MOOC platform. They aim to create a user-friendly and easily accessible tool that can be readily utilized by both tourists and tourism professionals. By mapping out accessible resources, the e-map will enable travelers with disabilities to plan their trips more effectively, leading to a more enjoyable and inclusive travel experience. 

As the third transnational meeting of the T4proIN project concluded, the partners left with a renewed sense of commitment and enthusiasm. The discussions held during the gathering allowed them to refine their strategies and chart a clear path towards achieving the project’s objectives, to transform the tourism landscape by making it more inclusive and accessible to all individuals. 

Partners will meet again in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) for the last time between January and February 2024. They will organize a final conference to share the project results with end-users of deliverables, experts and managers in the field of tourism.  

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