SOLREM – The Memory Forum on Women Resistance in Palermo

CEIPES ETS hosted the Memory forum on women’s Resistance, envisaged in the project SOLREM – A Necessary Past: Remembering Solidarity and Resistance against Authoritarianism in Europe [Project Number 101091335]. The forum took place on the 20th of March at CEIPES office in Palermo. The event has been an opportunity to promote and spread awareness of the history of Resistance and solidarity practices of women against Nazi fascism. 

The forum was attended by some classes from the Liceo Linguistico Ninni Cassarà of Palermo, accompanied by their teachers, with whom a wonderful debate was created on the figure of women in the times of the Resistance and today. 

The event provides participants with an overview of the complexity of the Resistance phenomena, listing the different roles of women participants and analyzing the so-called ‘civil resistance’, which has only been taken into account since the 1970s thanks to the research of feminist historians. 

In addition, the forum had a guest speaker, Dr. Daniela Dioguardi, feminist activist and representative of the Women’s Library and Legal Advice Centre – Udipalermo onlus. 

Daniela Dioguardi then recounted the history of the “Unione Donne in Italia” (Italian Women’s Union), the feminist association founded to bring together women of the Resistance, communists, socialists, and anti-fascists in 1944.  

The speaker underlined the importance of the voluntarist aspect of women’s resistance and the patriarchal mechanism against which women struggled for many years to reach the right to vote after the end of the II World War and the contemporary issues against which there is a strong need to focus and struggle nowadays. 

For more information about SOLREM project, please visit the website and follow the social media channels of CEIPES to be updated about future events and forums: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  

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