SOLREM – A Necessary Past: Remembering Solidarity and Resistance against Authoritarianism in Europe

Project Number: 101091335
Timespan of the Project:  01/01/2023 – 30/6/2024

Project E-mail:

Financial Program: CERV – Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme

SolRem’s central action is to increase awareness on the history of resistance and solidarity against right-wing authoritarianism in five target countries: Portugal, Spain, Romania, Italy, and Finland, on the one side, and on the other, to raise awareness on the permeation of concepts, narratives and images associated with right-wing “travel” across decades. The project’s aim is to promote reflection on past resistance and agency, increases awareness about the politics-collective memory.


A series of research tasks and surveys will chart how right-wing authoritarianism is remembered in these countries. Discussions within the partners and with the local communities. Encourages community participation and ownership at local level on the memory of the far-right, fostering the conversation within the communities themselves about the histories that are relevant. Collect stories but also personal archives of those in the resistance, emphasize stories of women and minorities as active actors in the resistance.

  • New research and report on different issues related to authoritarianism in all the five partner countries.
  • Transnational forums
  • Community workshops
  • Exhibition
  • Conferences
  • Podcast
  • Memory Forums
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