SOLREM – Jewish Memory Forum in Palermo

CEIPES implements the project SOLREM – A Necessary Past: Remembering Solidarity and Resistance against Authoritarianism in Europe [Project Number: 101091335], which is part of the CERV programme that the European Union is running for the period 2021-2027. The CERV aims to protect and promote the rights and values of the Union as enshrined in the EU Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. 

As one of the first activities of the project, CEIPES, likewise the other partners in each country, hosted the memory forum of “resistance against authoritarianism”, the topic of the forum was the Jewish Resistance in Italy. Therefore, on the 26th of May 2023, the CEIPES office welcomed the professor of Modern History, Nicola Cusumano, from the University of Palermo, that provided a contribution titled Theological anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism, he explained the ancient roots of antisemitism. Moreover, he addressed some cliché about the Jewish culture, such as one of the most famous the ritual murder of children, the objective of one of his publications, Jewish and accusation of ritual murder in the in the eighteenth century. 

Afterwards, Daniela Dana, the president of the association “Sons of Shoah”, provided a speech titled Jewish reactions to anti-Semitic persecution during the Shoah, she dealt with the history of Italian Jewish resistance during the Holocaust and she also brought significant numerical data such as the following of Italian Jewish that join the Resistance as militant and spiritual partisans.  

Following the speeches, participants in presence and people online had the opportunity to ask questions and share reflections in an open atmosphere of cultural and personal growth. 

For more information about SOLREM project, please visit the Website and follow the social media channels of CEIPES to be updated about  future events and forums: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  

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