SOLREM – Community workshop on Italian colonialism at Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele II, Palermo

CEIPES ETS implements a workshop on a chapter of our history that students are not used to deeply analyzing, Italian colonialism. The activity took place on the 13th of November 2023 and it was envisaged in the framework of the project SOLREM – A Necessary Past: Remembering Solidarity and Resistance against Authoritarianism in Europe [Project Number 101091335]. The Community Workshop on Italian colonialism was addressed to two high school classes at ‘Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele II’ in Palermo. It was organised to provide non-formal learning activities aimed at engaging the students deep in the topic. 

The activities were divided in three different parts, as follow: 

  • Historic overview on Italian colonialism, with a focus on the former colonies in the Horn of Africa and Libya, both under the Liberal and Fascist periods; 
  • Exposition of the myths regarding the Italian colonialism, highlighting the role of the propaganda and collective memory, mainly based on the studies of the scholar A. Del Boca; 
  • Presentation on Italian Afrodescendent Literature, through poems and novels of the writers Igiaba Scego and Ubah Cristina Ali Farah of somali-italian origins. 

Considering the good feedback received from the students, the non-formal education activity results in a good means to motivate the students to reflect on the issues exposed and to be the active part of the debates. Actually they had the opportunity to ask questions in order to go deeper into the history which is often not studied at school. 

For more information about SOLREM project, please visit the Website and follow the social media channels of CEIPES to be updated about future events and forums: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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