SIEP 2.0 – Be part of the solution against bullying

On 28th March 2023, CEIPES has concluded a fundamental step in the Role Model formation against bullying and discrimination at technical school Stenio, in Termini Imerese. 

This is the exact purpose of SIEP 2.0 project: giving active instruments to young people, as well as parents and educators, to fight the discrimination of people affected by disabilities as well as bullying and cyberbullying. The students and adults involved in this part of the project will be part of the change, by acting as Role Models for their peers, thus creating a virtuous circle of spreading positivity and sharing good practices. 

It is exactly by using good practices that the newly formed Role Models have experienced the scope of the project. Moreover, through role playing and improvisation activities they have been introduced to the concepts at the core of SIEP 2.0, by the use of non-formal education instruments such as the Educational Pills. 

The session started through the application of the good practice methodology called “Put Yourself in my Shoes”, by the use of which participants can experiment some of the impediments that can represent a disability and then try to perform some simple daily task, feeling the struggles that any action can represent.  

Later, students and educators will reflect on bullying through the application of the Theatre of the Oppressed, a methodology that aims at letting the participants consciously use their body, to represent and solve a bullying episode. 

Lastly, Role Models have played the SIEP Game, a tabletop experience aimed at considering bullying under the lens of gamification. 

Every step of the event has been followed by debriefing sessions, a way to let participants express themselves on the issues at stake, confront with each other and share their experiences and thoughts.  

In the following weeks, Role Models will put in practice what they learned by operating new workshops themselves, in order to spread the good practices and their positive message among more and more people. 

To know more about the project and its activities, browse the website and follow the social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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