SHAPING LIFE – A new idea is coming to reality

On the 26th and 27th of September the consortium of partners of Shaping life project met in Valladolid in ASPAYM facilities to kick off the first meeting of the project.

Shaping Life: Innovative pathways for a healthy lifestyle in adult education, project number: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000033794 is a project funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + programme, KA220 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education and involves 4 partners of different European countries creating a consortium, composed of: GAMMA INSTITUTE and DOXAMUS (Romania), ASPAYM Castilla y Leon (Spain), ROSTO Solidario (Portugal) and CEIPES (Italy).

The main aim of the project “Shaping Life” is to educate adults from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, in order to achieve psychological life skills to develop and implement a healthy lifestyle, even in difficult conditions, as pandemic context and post-crisis period.

This main goal will be achieved through 3 specific objectives:

  • Increasing the wellbeing level through the development of a healthy lifestyle for minimum 900 adults from 5 European countries
  • An innovative methodology of active involvement, peer-learning, and support groups of adults from different backgrounds, on 5 challenging topics: anxiety, depression, burn-out, career and parenting.
  • Increasing the adult educator’s capacity to help their target group in implementation of a healthy lifestyle, through the development of an innovative curricula and training for 45 adult educators as coordinators for support groups for adults.

To reach these goals the consortium will develop: the “Shaping Life” Adult Educator’s Manual for Healthy Lifestyle of Adults and the “Shaping Life” Healthy Lifestyle Intervention Program for Adults.

The meeting was held thanks to a clear agenda, the coordinator, GAMMA, present a general overview about the project and the managerial and administrative procedures. CEIPES showed to partners the tasks related to the dissemination activity and ASPAYM the ones related to the Quality and assurance.

After that, GAMMA and ASPAYM presented and planned the activities for starting with the two project results. Partners were very collaborative and, they supported each other’s in shared ideas and good practices to be introduced.

In the second day the coordinator GAMMA led the workshop related the definition of the topics that are on the base of the main results of the project.

Each partner analyzed the topic they have assigned and did a brainstorming with the others. The activity was so useful and also partners defined already the first step on which the manual will be based on, and the 1000 exercises will be developed.

Partner will meet again in Portugal for the 2nd TM of the project but in the meanwhile if you want to know more about Shaping life topics and its implementation follow the Facebook ans Instagram pages.

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