SIEP 2.0 – Read it out loud: follow the magazines of the #Untag campaign

Since May 2023, CEIPES and the other partners from SIEP 2.0 project have begun publishing monthly the magazines for the #Untag campaign, the main instrument to learn about SIEP 2.0 and its activities. The magazines will consist of short articles to learn about different aspects of the project, see pictures, and grasp the impact that the project has had so far. 

The topics to be treated in the magazines have been divided among the partners in order to let everyone contribute best to the final goal. CEIPES has written the magazine for August, describing the feedback of good practices that participants to the training event in Portugal have submitted.

Trainees have been constructive in their feedback, sometimes expressing their doubts on some individual aspects, but overall giving a very positive response to the good practices and techniques applied in the project. 

Every month, until December, at least one new magazine will be released, in the attempt to dive in depth in every aspect of SIEP 2.0. Participants to the project will see how much has been made also thanks to their effort, while people who have not yet participated can see the magazines as an incentive to take part to this initiative before its conclusion. 

The #Untag campaign aims at informing as many people as possible about the positive opportunities that exist to win over bullying and discrimination, and covers a variety of different media to reach its goal. Stay tuned! 

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