The project finale that triggers new beginnings


QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E. – QUalitative Advanced Research ANd Training for Inclusion of Neets through Electronic tools – has its finale. But, unlike any other TV series or movie, this moment of conclusion triggers a new beginning. Maybe redundant for some, not well understood by others, humankind faced (and still facing) one the hardest times of all, where pandemics and wars are affecting our lives permanently. QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E. project (2020-2-IT03-KA205-019431) aims to provide knowledge, competences and tools to increase the quality of remote and blended youth work settings, especially for emergency situations like the one in which we are living. Moreover, for whom suffers the consequences of isolation and social distance, especially NEETs and people with fewer opportunities, disability and geographical obstacles, the project aims to motivate, to improve opportunities and to develop the empowerment of young people in European Countries – check out the results here.

For the last meeting hosted by EUFEMIA, all partners gathered in Turin – AICSCC (Romania), CEIPES (Italy), Aspaym Castilla y Leon (Spain), EUFEMIA (Italy), K-GEM (Turkey). As it usually happens, the final transnational meeting has been a useful and cooperative moment to check what was missing to finalise the project material prior the deadline. The consortium recognized that work has been carried out with good overall satisfaction, just few pieces left. What emerged to be improved though was the social media campaign, that should have been sponsored more by all partners to reach the agreed key indicators to its own success.

In fact, our partner EUFEMIA managed to organise the multiplier event the day after the meeting, to let all partners attend it and share it live with everyone’s network. Working as a team, we actively sponsored the event around the city, gathering young students, professional youth workers, and interested individuals from the society in the special frame of COMALA, a multifunctional city space that hosts the activities of various associations and informal groups on a daily basis. Additionally, for the event were invited professionals coherently to the project topic to talk about their jobs and activities they implement within their contexts, and how those could be applied/adapted to the third sector. It was Marta Pavia, a famous local influencer that showed us how social media nowadays work, and how can exploit to disseminate projects content that comes from non-profit partnerships.

Lastly, the multiplier event brought together part of the local communities, stakeholders, professionals in third sector, and young people who seek for change in this difficult time, and that are moved by the values of cooperation, and cultural and social exchange that define the openness that the Erasmus + projects aim for.

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