Q.U.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E: Digital Youth Work Week

During the second week of January, Digital Youth Work Week was held in Italy.

In the framework of the strategic partnership QU.A.R.AN.T.I.N.E, the Italian partners, Eufemia and CEIPES, celebrated on the 11th a national webinar addressed to youth workers. Over the course of it, the first results of the project were presented: the Guidelines for Digital Youth Work and a Toolkit. Trough the event a session was dedicated to the mental health care of young people by professionals in the sector.

The webinar was held on zoom platform and live streamed on the project’s YouTube channel <<I’m with you(th)>>. The event attracted a lot of interest and the following day, in the afternoon of 12th January, the webinar was repeated for an international audience during which each of the partners of the project took care of a part of the agenda related to their specific skills. This time the zoom platform was shared in live stream not only on the YouTube channel but also on the project’s Facebook page.
The digital youth work week ended with an event on Friday 14 in Turin, where the association Eufemia, coordinator of the project, held a seminar with the help of a team of local psychologists, addressed to local youth workers.

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