LAY TEACHERS – Supporting non-professional teachers to introduce migrants and refugees to national languages


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Timespan of the project:

01/11/2018 – 31/10/2020

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Erasmus+ programme, KA2

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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  1. To train language teachers for language teaching for migrants;
  2. To support linguistic integration of migrants and refugees;
  3. Promoting innovative pedagogical approaches: Cooperative learning and contextual Meaning-based learning. 
  4. Development of innovative ICT-BASED EDUCATIONAL TOOLS.
  • Set up a Theoretical Framework, by means of analyzing European and National Qualification Frameworks;
  • Define the Competence Framework for the professional profile of professional teachers and volunteers working with adult education
  • Develop the necessary Learning Outcomes, expressed in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Competences. 
  • Design and development of the Online Digital Database
  • Assessment methodologies and tools for the evaluation of the previous training contents and practical activities. 
  • Elaborate theoretical and pedagogical bases on the support of adult education non-professional teachers and volunteers with innovative teaching-learning methods and tailor made resources to introduce migrants and refugees to the national languages
  • Creation of B-Learning course interactive contents;
  • Monitoring and assessment of the application of the online platform with the target beneficiaries;
  • Evaluation of the Online Digital Database Assessment of the Online Digital Database;
  • Development of a comparative reference analysis will carried out by partners at national and European level, focused on innovative non-conventional teaching-learning methods;
  • The LAY TEACHERS training guide to introduce migrants and refugees to national language;
  • The LAY TEACHERS Online Platform of Open Educational Resources on introducing migrants and refugees on national language;
  • Development of Guidelines and Recommendation on introduce migrants and refugees to national language in Adult education;