INCAI – Inclusive Artificial Intelligence


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01-09-2020/ 31- 08 – 2022


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  •  To compare, share and identify and promote good practice that can enhance the inclusion of adults from disadvantaged groups in education and learning. 
  • To enhance the provision of good quality learning opportunities to adult’s learners in particular those from excluded groups.
  • To contribute to social inclusion in education across the EU using Artificial Intelligence.
  • To develop and broaden the competences of adult education providers and organisations working with adult learners from excluded groups. 
  • To demonstrate the significant role Artificial Intelligence technology can play in improving inclusion in learning in current practices across EU. 
  • To present identified best practices and develop guidelines on how to prepare Artificial Intelligence wireframes.
  • To drive social change and contribute to future development of inclusive Artificial Intelligence in education by producing sustainability plans for inclusive Artificial Intelligence tools co-produced in partner countries across the EU and by providing local, regional, national and EU level dissemination activities.
  • 6 transnational meetings with 96 participants – 16 per meeting.
  • 2 short-term joint training events with 48 participants – 24 per event from 8 partners.
  • At least 8 identified examples of good practice in inclusive Artificial Intelligence.
  • Creation of guidelines on how to produce an Artificial Intelligence wireframe for inclusive education.
  • Usability plan for 8 Artificial Intelligence wireframes produced as a result of local co-production which can be replicated for identified target groups across the EU to improve access to education for adults from marginalized and disadvantaged groups.
  • To increase the inclusion of adult learners. 
  • To increase ICT skills and competences for adult learners.
  • To increase competences and skills for educators in partner organizations.
  • To increase the capacity of partner organizations to serve adult learners from disadvantaged groups.