Building Entrepreneurial Capacity for Migrants Through Online Learning – BECFM


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14/10/2019 – 13/10/2021

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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  1. Train the trainers to increase migrant entrepreneurship;
  2. Support the creation, improvement and distribution of support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs;
  3. Identify potential entrepreneurs among migrants;
  4. Raise awareness about entrepreneurship within migrant communities;
  5. Develop sustainable multi-level partnership models integrating refugees into the job market;
  6. Increase value awareness of social inclusion through entrepreneurship;
  7. Empower disadvantaged groups among migrants by developing business skills and competencies;
  • Development of a need assessment survey to migrants/refugees and another one to intermediary organizations;
  • Recruitment of intermediary organization and stakeholders;
  • Development of an open report with a comparative study;
  • Creation of the material for the development of an e-learning platform;
  • Development of an e-learning platform;
  • Testing of materials and platform;
  • Finalization and translation of material;
  • Development of a web portal;
  • Training activities aimed to train employers/entrepreneurs;
  • Vocational training in skills needed for the local labour market;
  • Evaluation and Final Reporting: dissemination and publicities; evaluation and report; time to discuss on multiplier events;
  • Courses will be given to increase migrant’s entrepreneurship into the labour market;
  • To increase awareness about entrepreneurship in migrant communities;
  • To develop sustainable multi-level partnership models integrating refugees into the job market;
  • To help migrants to become self-employed, building successful enterprises;
  • The online training session and the F2F workshop will be arranged for trainers/refugees; 
  • Refugees and intermediary organizations representative will be introduced to each other;
  • An informative campaign and activities will increase awareness of the benefits related to the employment of refugees;
  • A needs assessment survey will be  done targeting intermediary organizations to assess their knowledge about the integration of refugees into the labour market and their marketable skills and experiences;
  • Training materials will be developed for a training course targeting intermediary organizations;
  • E-learning materials will be developed;
  • Vocational Education Training will be given by the Public Education Centre;
  • Development of entrepreneurship courses;
  • Among the migrant community, disadvantaged groups will be empowered by developing business skills and competencies;
  • Cooperation between institutions will be strengthened through the consortium partnership established by the project;
  • Intellectual outputs, knowledge and skills will be obtained at the end of the project, and they will be open sources for public users.