Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women Administrators


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31/12/2017 – 31/12/2019

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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • To improve the demand and take-up through effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies
  • To decreasing the gender discrimination in public and private work contexts (in the fields of education and training), in order to overcome stereotypes and prejudices about female administrators and to make them achieve the same career opportunities of men
  • To extend and develop educational competences
  • To achieve relevant and high-quality skills and competences
  • To break the prejudices and stereotypes directed to women managers
  • To inform women managers in advance about the difficulties they may encounter, and thus to develop their ability to cope with problems
  • To improve the working conditions of women
  • To give mentorship to women managers during their first years of management
  • To train mentors by developing a mentorship program so that they provide mentorship support for women managers
  • To develop the right decision-making skills in career planning
  • To design “Case study survey and report” to understand the current situation (O1)
  • To design and implement  a “Women educational administrators support programme”. In particular,
  • Developing the administrative skills of women administrators,

      – Learning the methods of struggling with difficulties,

      – Developing self-motivation techniques,

      – Improving communication skills among the fellows and opposite sex (O2)

  • To train mentors by developing a mentorship program to provide mentorship support for women managers, the “Mentorship training programme” (O3)
  • To give mentorship to women managers during their first years of management
  • Report about the state of the art of the Glass Ceiling Syndrome
  • Support programme for women educational administrators
  • Mentorship training programme
  • To minimize the problems that women administrators experiencing glass ceiling syndrome encounter, to let them develop skills in order to be able to cope with the problems they encounter and to make them be employed more in managerial positions
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