PRIORITY 45 – Joint Curriculum Validation in Italy

The consortium of the Priority 45 project (2022-1-PT01-KA220-ADU-000087183) carried out the validation process of the Joint Curriculum, which contains the main competences that adult over 45 have reported wanting to improve in previous phases of the project. Thanks to this consultation phase, the partners have been able to develop the joint curriculum Priority 45, which has been validated by older adults of 45, professionals and stakeholders. 

In the case of Italy, CEIPES has carried out interviews and administered the validation questionnaire to human resources professionals and workers from Palermo work agencies. Participants have reported that the curriculum is appropriately tailored to the needs, and requirements of 45+ adults in the labor market, in addition to presenting well-defined learning objectives. Some professionals have suggested that maybe it would be useful for users to add in the course a section where it is possible to make a self-reflection by the beneficiaries, on their existing capacities and their objectives. 

Partners will collect all the information and feedback gathered in the validation process to reflect on how to improve and proceed with the final version of the Joint Curriculum, which will serve as the basis for the Priority 45 Virtual Course. 

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