PADIGE – First Testing Phase Concluded

On the 16th of March, CEIPESconcluded the first testing phase of the project PADIGE- Participatory Design of Initiative on Gender Equality.  

The objective of the project is to raise awareness about the European Citizens Initiative as an instrument of European direct democracy and about the importance of Gender Equality. 

In fact, the first intellectual output of the project was tested with a group of 20 young people: a shared platform where ICE proposals can be co-written and realized using participatory design methodology.  

In particular, youth had the opportunity to debate gender stereotypes, the gender pay gap and discuss to find solutions. The debate resulted in a ECI proposal to achieve equal pay between women and men that has been uploaded to the padige platform where other young Europeans can edit it. 

The next phase will be the testing of the second intellectual output: a training course for youth workers. 

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