ONE GOAL – The first local training course with the Palermo women youth football team

The first Italian Local Training Course (LTC) organized during the One Goal project took place in Palermo on 13 May 2022.

One Goal project’s idea is to provide women coaches with knowledge and tools useful in their career development. Furthermore, during the project implementation period, a network of EU and Uruguayan women coaches has been established and it will continue to operate after its lifespan.

Specifically, the purpose of One Goal LTC is to train women coaches and football players from each country involved in the project – Italy – Uruguay, Hungary, Lithuania, and Bulgaria – by passing them knowledge acquired in women football campaign (WFC).

CEIPES organized the first Italian Local Training Course involving the female coaches, staff and players from the youth sector of the Palermo Calcio.

Each One Goal LTC consist of both theoretical and practical parts based on the previous WFCs. These events ensure more coaches will have the possibility to improve their competences in training football.

During the first part of the event, women coaches and players from Palermo Calcio participated in a workshop on sports psychology, effective communication and sports marketing.

The participants of the WFCs of Montevideo and Budapest also talked about these two fantastic experiences that allowed them to acquire skills and knowledge; establish a stronger network among coaches and be role models to other coaches and young people.

Subsequently, CEIPES took part in a training session of the U17 women’s sector of Palermo Calcio, at the Green Praters soccer fields.

The feedbacks from the participating coaches and players have been extremely positive and their willingness to organize other similar activities emerged.

The next appointment with the One Goal project is on 13-14 June 2022, when CEIPES will host women football coaches from different countries for the Italian WFC. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the conference “Un assist alle donne“, organized as part of the project:

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