One Goal

Project Number: EAC-2020-0605
Timespan of the Project: 2021-01-01 / 2022-12-31

Project E-mail:

Financial Program: EMS – Exchanges and Mobility in Sport
  • To identify the reasons leading to few women coaches & learn their needs through conducting a research in partner countries MM2-4
  • To deepen knowledge of psychological aspects & training methods of 10 coaches & their colleagues through 5 international Women Football Campaigns (WFC) organised in all partner countries: MM4-6 in Uruguay (AUDELE), MM7-9 in Bulgaria (BSDA), MM10-12 in Hungary (BAIS), MM13-15 in Lithuania (AY), MM16-18 in Italy (CEIPES). Events will
    involve local stakeholders, parents & youngsters that will attend the trainings (~250 youngsters)
  • To train >120 coaches/country by passing them knowledge acquired in WFC through organising 3 Local Training
    Courses (LTC)/partner country: MM8-10, MM11-13, MM14-16
  • To consolidate knowledge & gain new one from experienced professionals, exchange experiences, feedback for the
    project, strengthen the bond of participating coaches & finalise the project in the Final conference MM23
  • To create a methodology on training methods & psychological aspects to be used by other interested sport staff. It will be shared on the OG website & partners social media, reaching 1000 professionals
  • Make the project visible: each WFC will include a public football training session for youth. This will attract attention of
    the media & stakeholders. It is expected that news about OG will reach local media, other NGOs & will lead to our
    website (indic.10000 views)
  • All partner countries will conduct a research to learn about the general situation of women coaches in the labor market, challenges faced when pursuing a career in sports. This research is aimed to identify the needs of women coaches to become more effective trainers & what could help them pursue a career more successfully. It will also help set the guidelines for what the content of the WFC will be. This activity will be coordinated by CEIPES.
  • Holding 5 Women Football Campaigns (WFC) for 10 women coaches . They will be held in each partner country. Partner organisations will be responsible for the organisation of WFC in countries of their residence. During the part 1 of each WFC, qualified coaches will be teaching the participants both psychological & innovative technical skills of football coaching; in the 2nd part coaches will put knowledge into practice & learn to involve youngsters into playing football by holding free public training sessions & encouraging teenagers to participate. By working together during these activities, participating coaches will establish a network among each other, creating an environment for them to communicate, share professional advice & experiences among each other. Each WFC will also serve as a transnational partner meeting for PMs (1 from each country) to supervise the implementation of the events, discuss the ongoing situation of the project, finances, dissemination, etc.
  • 15 free Local Training Courses (LTC) (3 per country, each one held simultaneously in all countries) for 12 local women coaches/LTC, passing them the knowledge acquired by coaches in the WFC. They will consist of both theoretical & practical parts based on the WFC. This will ensure more coaches will have the possibility to improve their competences in training football. LTC will be planned in cooperation with NGOs & all women coaches (who take part in WFC) during meetings both at WFC & offline. And implemented in their country of residence accordingly. This will help coaches consolidate knowledge, improve leadership skills, create an environment to increase the competences of other women in football (coaches, volunteers). By cooperating with other coaches & holding public events, they might become role models to the ones who lack good examples & encouragement to pursue a career in sports/playing sports (researches show that women lack role models – successful women in sports & coaching).
  • Women coaches will raise their qualification, boost self-confidence & get motivated to develop a career in sports;
  • A network of coaches from all participating countries will be established for exchanging experience & professional advice
    during & after the project;
  • Women participation in sports will be promoted & young people will be encouraged to play sports.
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