In Palermo on the football field to greet the project!

The third and last Italian Local Training Course (LTC), organised by CEIPES in the field of the ONE GOAL project, was held on December 15th in CUS Palermo facilities.

One Goal project’s main objective is to transmit to women football coaches knowledge, methodologies and tools useful for their career development in the field of sport.

In the same direction, the main goal of the One Goal LTCs is to share with female football coaches and players from Italy, Uruguay, Hungary, Lithuania, and Bulgaria the theoretical and practical knowledges acquired during the previous women football campaign (WFC).

CEIPES organised the third Italian LTC involving more than 50 participants between: sport managers, female coaches, and female players of various ages coming from the youth sector of the CUS Palermo football team. The event was composed of a first theoretical part followed by a subsequent practical session.

In the first place the ONE GOAL project with its objectives, activities and achieved results was introduced by CEIPES project managers. Then, the women football coaches from CUS Palermo that took part in the WFCs of Montevideo, Budapest, Palermo Sofia and Kaunas shared with the audience their personal experience with ONE GOAL project.

Participating in the project activities has indeed allowed the coaches to acquire new hard and soft skills, strengthen a network among several coaches from different countries and become role models for young female football players.

Instead, during the training session the young players aged between 10 and 17 reproduced some technical exercises focused on speed, coordination and dribbling learned from their coach during the previous WFCs of the ONE GOAL project.

All the participants proved to be extremely involved and passionate about the topics discussed, also affirming the usefulness of the event for their personal and professional growth. Their wish to participate in other activities organised by CEIPES it come out. Through this local activity indeed, CEIPES had also the chance to enrich its network already composed by several important local sports organisations and clubs.

To know more about the main results of ONE GOAL project please visit CEIPES social media accounts: FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

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