MECOS RNET – Discussing Green Economy in the Green Polish Landscape

On 11th and 12th of May 2023, CEIPES has taken part to the 4th Transnational Meeting with all of the partners of MEcoS project in Sucha Beskidzka, a wonderful gem of a city, nestled in the Polish mountains, not far from Krakow. 

Hosted by the Polish partner, WSTiE, the Italian team has had the possibility to observe the wonderful facility in which the University is set, a 16th Century castle that has been the operative base for the first day of the meeting. 

The meeting has been fruitful for the project, allowing CEIPES to confront with the other partners in monitoring what has been concluded so far, and what is to be expected in the future of MEcoS, in the attempt to give pragmatical tools to European entrepreneurs of all ages, in the support of their activities.  

After the completion of the Course “Business education for enterpreneurs”, a tool for aspiring and active entrepreneurs to improve their knowledge on the field, the online learning platform “Entrepreneurship for All” has been completed. The platform allows everyone to access premium educational materials completely for free, in all the languages of the different partners: videolessons and graphic materials are deployed in order to give a formation as differenciated and effective as possible. 

In the next months, CEIPES will develop the last fundamental element of the project, with the supervision and cooperation of the other partners: the “International Training and Consulting Centre”, an Open Education Resource which shall be entwined with a forum, to allow entrepreneurs of every age to share and receive information on their business projects and ideas. 

In the concluding section of the meeting, the dates for the new rendez-vous have been set, which shall be hosted by the Bulgarian team, leaders of the project, in the city of Sofia.

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