CEIPES – International Center for the Promotion of Education and Development, is pleased to invite all the citizens of Palermo and its province to the inauguration of the new center “Rise-Lab, network for Inclusion, Development and Empowerment” which will take place on Tuesday 2nd July starting at 12.00. Citizens of any age, gender and culture are invited to take part in this moment of celebration, discovery and networking.

The former warehouse located in Via F.M. Alias ​​No. 20 – in the heart of the Uditore neighborhood  – which later became a property confiscated from Mafia, after the assignment to CEIPES by the Municipality of Palermo and a work of restoration, which took place without public funding, today hosts a multi-purpose center of social empowerment, active at local and international level.

On the 2nd of July there will be the opportunity for the whole citizenship, not only to know a non-profit reality in continuous growth in Palermo and to discover a property confiscated from mafia, redeveloped and returned to citizenship, but it will be above all an opportunity for citizens and associations of Palermo, to get to know each other, to network, to think about new ideas for the territory and to discover the good practices carried out by CEIPES in the past, in the present and in a future that is near to come.

The inauguration will begin with a ritual “cutting of the ribbon” with the presence of Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando and the visit of the RISE-LAB spaces, led by the president of CEIPES Musa Kirkar.

Afterwards, different realities from Palermo managing confiscated properties, will have the opportunity to present to the community the activities carried out in their assets; a buffet lunch will follow.

The first half of the afternoon, from 2.30 to 5.00 pm, will be dedicated to sharing good practices carried out by CEIPES, as part of the implementation of some European projects, and by dance and theater performances.

Starting at 17:00, the space will be given to parallel workshops: body movement, board games, 3D printers, European volunteering and much more to discover in the different areas of the Rise – Lab.

Throughout the day, information desks will be set up for the activities carried out by CEIPES. It will also be possible to visit an artistic and photographic exhibition with the contents of the projects “Mandala – Meeting is an art” and “All in – The art of inclusion”, aimed at fostering meetings and growth among people of different origin and culture through different types of art.

Social inclusion, participation and active citizenship, redevelopment of the territory, lifelong learning: these are the objectives that gave rise to the RISE-LAB center, which will officially open the beginning of its activities, with a moment of sharing with the community and all the realities present in the territory that will want to contribute to its enrichment.


Email:  irene.capozzi@ceipes.org, fulvio.grassadonio@ceipes.org

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