CEIPES inaugurates the Library of Tools

On 22nd of May CEIPES, within the project activities of “Due.Zero”, launched the “Biblioteca delle Cose” (Tool Library) at its headquarter, third library (and first one in a the periphery) after the ones in the city center belonging to the partners Booq and Neu Noi. 

In these spaces it is possible to find what we need for a specific situation or for a short time and learn new techniques of self-recovery and maintenance. The goal is to also promote eco-friendly choices and lifestyles to foster a cultural change in consumption as an action to combat global warming. 

A large part of the community from the neighborhood Uditore took part in the event, from the kids to the elderly people, showing how a Tool Library can be of great interest for anyone.  

The procedure to register and some practical workshops were carried out that involved the usage of some of the tools, such as music, sewing and a board game workshop. 

It is possible to enroll to Biblioteca delle cose clicking on the link, signing up for a membership and paying a little fee.

From the website it is possible to check the list of tools and objects which are located in our office, choosing from sports tools, board games, sewing items, DIY , electronics and many others. Also, the current list of objects is currently growing because of the generous donations of sensitive citizens.  

More information here.

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