Due.zero – Città in condivisione

Project Number: OPM/2022/35436
Timespan of the Project: February 2023 - November 2023

Project E-mail: info@ceipes.org

Financial Program: Chiesa Valdese 8 x 1000

The project aims to:

  • Provide tools or items needed for specific occasions such as small household maintenance work or occasional sports activities
  • Raise community awareness for more sustainable consumption education with less environmental impact by reducing waste of resources and space
  • Outline a path of long-term social and cultural action in a new territory for CEIPES that chooses to incorporate an eco-friendly perspective, an alternative to the consumerist model, into its activities aimed at cultural change

The project will engage in the following activities:

  • Needs analysis preparatory to purchasing and collecting items and setting up space to equip new lending points 
  • Training of operators and implementation of the web platform dedicated to the loan service
  • Opening of a new lending point at CEIPES headquarters and expansion of object categories at the Booq and Neu (us) points already active in Palermo’s historic center 
  • Intense awareness and communication campaign including implementation of public events

The project has yielded the following results:

  • The development of an urban circular economic model, making the opening of places for lending and sharing objects in the city of Palermo an operation within the reach of small and large urban entities 
  • The promotion of the eco-friendly choices and lifestyles to effect a cultural change in consumption as an action to combat global warming 
  • The realization of a replicable and scalable model that introduces the possibility for small and large cities to significantly affect people’s ecological footprint on the planet
  • Networking people and their respective expertise
Project supported by the 8x1000 funds of the Waldensian Church (Italy)
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