INCLUSIVE IMPRO-THEATRE – The curtain is closed

The Erasmus+ project entitled “Inclusive Impro-Theatre“, co-funded by the European Union, ends after two years. 

The project, born in 2020, saw the active presence of a consortium of 8 partners from five different countries: Romania, Greece, Ireland, Denmark and Italy. 

The aim of the project has been, and continues to be, to promote school inclusion and prevent early school leaving using the innovative methodology of improvisation theater. 

4 transnational meetings, one training activity, two methodological guides, five theatrical performances, many emotions: the project ends with the hope of having left, in the heart of all the students and teachers who participated in the various activities carried out, an indelible sign: cooperation, friendship, commitment, active participation have been crucial to achieve all the results achieved so far. 

Working together was, for the partnership, an indescribable honour: the professionalism demonstrated by all the partner countries has made it possible to achieve all the objectives in the best possible way. It closes a path that has been profitable and full of surprises, but opens a new door full of opportunities in the sign of active participation. The values of the European Union are precisely these: to collaborate to create something potentially valid for all. 

So what to say? Close the curtain! 

The project continues to live on its social pages (Facebook and Instagram) and thanks to the website, in which updates are periodically published and the biannual newsletter with all the activities implemented by the partnership. 

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