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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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Erika Vagante

Hal Cooper



1- Inclusive Impro Theatre project first aims to promote social inclusion in primary and secondary schools, through the use of creativity and theatre. The project will promote self-esteem, achievements and success, respect and a sense of belonging to the social group,

2- Second, through the same methods, the project aims to tackle early school leaving – or “school drop-out”.

  • Conduct creative improvisation workshops about: visual expression, verbal expression, and body expression.
  • Establish 12 stories to be developed in the project, and adapted according to the local context
  • Encourage the development of students’ creativity through theatre, to stage everyday problems in our European societies
  • Participate in a training activity to learn how to train other educators and facilitators in the creative theatre method of the project
  • A guide of values for creativity in the cognitive, social and emotional development of students in the face of complex and traumatic life situations. 
  • A guide for Improvisational techniques under 3 headings: visual, verbal and body expression. We envisage to have a corpus of 80 different tips based on the techniques developed.
  • 12 traditional stories developed in the project, which will be adapted to their region or country by the primary and secondary school students and then performed.

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