The 4 Musicians of Palermo come to life!

Finally! The performance by the students of the ‘Inclusive Impro-Theater‘ project workshop entitled ‘Stories in Practice’ has seen the light!

The 21 young people have worked hard over the past two months to stage their very own show ‘The 4 Musicians of Palermo‘. The play is a free adaptation of the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, but in a completely new and modern key.  The students wrote the texts, devised the costumes and set designs in total autonomy and relying solely on the knowledge they learnt from the workshops held at the CEIPES premises.

The plot of the show is:

4 young musicians are trying to break into the world of music. Despite pressure from friends, family and teachers and the harassment of a rival band, the girls manage to realise their dream, becoming official musicians of a well-known club in the city of Palermo.

The aim of this workshop was to stage, through improvisational theatre, some of the problems that most afflict students in Italy. In fact, the aim of the show was to emphasise how hard work, commitment and teamwork can cope with any obstacle or any form of bullying or social pressure.

The ultimate aim of the ‘Inclusive Impro-Theatre’ project is to prevent early school leaving and to foster social inclusion through the use of improvisational theatre.

We are proud of the results achieved by the students of class 4N of the Liceo Linguistico ‘Ninni Cassarà’ in Palermo and wish them a bright future!

Theatre unites peoples, countries… and even students!

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