Let’s improvise: in Palermo, everything is possible!

Between 5th and 7th of December 2022, CEIPES hosted the training of the Inclusive Impro-Theatre project at the association’s headquarters.

The project, whose consortium consists of partners from Romania, Greece, Ireland, Denmark and Italy, aims to prevent school drop-outs and foster social inclusion among school students through improvisational theatre.

During this experience in Palermo, the partners had the opportunity to discuss different techniques implemented over the past months with male and female students from primary, middle and high schools, giving rise to a series of workshops that later led to the production of a methodological manual with useful tips on how to implement these theatrical techniques.

Scatches, exercises and performances were the key words of this wonderful group experience.

But that’s not all: the consortium and training participants had the opportunity to take a cultural tour through the streets of magnificent Palermo, discovering many interesting places from an artistic point of view.

Finally, everyone tried their hand at a theatre workshop with a professional theatre actor graduated from the National Institute of Ancient Drama (INDA) located in the southern Sicilian city of Syracuse.

The CEIPES, as host partner, tried its best to make its guests feel at home!

For more information on the project, follow our social channels (on Facebook/Instagram) and the official website, which is constantly being updated.

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