INCLUSIVE IMPRO THEATRE – “Improvisation for Creativity” workshops

In the period between 21st of April and 13th of May 2022, a series of workshops related to the INCLUSIVE IMPRO THEATRE project took place in the CEIPES premises.

The aim of the project is to promote social inclusion through the theater, thus also preventing early school leaving.

In the period between January and May, the consortium (made up of partners from Romania, Greece, Ireland, Denmark and Italy) actively engaged in carrying out the workshops, which were based on a series of theatrical improvisation techniques, body expression and linguistics.

Regarding CEIPES, the participants were 22 students from the “Ninni Cassarà” linguistic high school, in Palermo, Italy. The students actively participated in the activities foreseen by the project, showing enthusiasm and great motivation during the five workshop days.

At the end of May, all partners completed their workshop sessions, with excellent results; the partners will have the opportunity to exchange considerations and opinions at the second meeting of the project, which will be held on 15th  and 16th of June in Dublin, Ireland.

Read more about the project on its website, Instagram and Facebook pages.



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