CEIPES returns to school. This time, with a very precise objective: to inform the public about the results obtained during the two years of the project “Inclusive Impro-Theatre“, co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and which is preparing, unfortunately, to a conclusion. 

The project, born in 2020, has set itself (and still stands) as an objective to promote school inclusion and avoid early school leaving using innovative tools of non-formal education, such as improvisation theatre. The consortium, made up of countries from Romania, Greece, Ireland, Denmark and Italy, has continued its activities and achieved many concrete and useful results. 

During the local multiplier event, which was held in Palermo on 23 February, CEIPES had the opportunity to introduce some teachers of the language school “Ninni Cassarà” what has been achieved so far, what can still be achieved and, above all, what innovative tools could potentially be used to make curricular lessons even more effective and interesting for students.  

The teachers and youth educators involved during the event showed interest, curiosity and enthusiasm and identified themselves perfectly in the role of a modern and up-to-date educator, able to model itself according to the needs of contemporary teaching. 

During the multiplier event also attended two of the high school students “Ninni Cassarà”, who participated in the workshops, the final show and the closing meeting of the project that was held, remember, on 15 and 16 February 2023 in Timisoara, in Romania. 

Two guides, a show, many workshops: the project “Inclusive Impro-Theatre” has allowed many students and teachers to experiment with new educational methods and get involved in first person. 

Theatre, a very ancient artistic discipline, never ceases to amaze us: uniting people and sharing many beautiful experiences are some of the core values of the European Union and CEIPES is proud to be a bulwark of such concepts. 

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